Unbreakable Gear was created to provide truly dedicated individuals and athletes with fitness supplies, lifting gear, nutrition resources and gym apparel that they could be proud to use and wear.
While Unbreakable Gear sells lifting gear, including wraps, sleeves and straps and belts, as well as, clothing, supplements and accessories, we are really representing and promoting a lifestyle.
Unbreakable Gear gained tremendous momentum and popularity among the bodybuilding and powerlifting communities upon inception, but is now spreading into other sports, military and individuals who apply what Unbreakable stands for to their everyday lives.

Unbreakable Gear designs and produces record-breaking lifting gear for the competitive and focused athlete. Our gear is high quality, performance driven and worn by some of the best competitive strength athletes in the world. We have kept our clothing designs clean and uncluttered to stand apart from the over-the-top and often corny designs pushed by many popular brands. We make products that not only make a statement, but exemplify the qualities and standards of hard work, dedication and determination. Our wraps, belts & sleeves are custom designed for maximum performance and second to none in providing massive support and spring at a reasonable price. And our supplements line is selective and effective in assisting athletes to reach and further their health and strength goals.
Unbreakable Gear is proud to offer you a variety of products and resources that we believe in & use ourselves!

When you "use" Unbreakable Gear, know that you are wearing a brand that represents unyielding dedication, power and commitment to whatever is important in your life.

We are all human by birth, but some of us are Unbreakable by choice.

Join the #UGNation and Be Unbreakable.

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