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UG Liquid Disinfectant Chalk UG LIQUID CHALK

For Superior Lifting you need a Superior Grip!! Unbreakable Gear's new LIQUID CHALK is a premium chalk, perfect for all sports, including weightlifting, gymnastics, climbing, and baseball. The chalk leaves little to no mess and is easily portable. (If you train in a gym that bans the use of powder chalk, this is for you! ) UG Liquid Chalk has a unique formula that soaks up moisture, including sweat and provides alcohol-based protective disinfectant coating, resulting in a perfect and safe grip for all sports. The ingredients are 100% safe and skin friendly. Available in 8 oz bottle.

Directions for Use: For best results, shake the bottle before squirting a small amount onto your hands. Rub hands together briefly and allow to dry.

Our Price: $15.95