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Unbreakable Gear's PRO POWER STRAPS are here!. These Unbreakable Gear Lifting Straps are a MUST for when you are lifting heavy and doing high rep work. Designed to loop around your wrists, these straps help lock you into the bar or dumbbells you're lifting. They are built with a heavy 1/4" cotton canvas strap and feature a 1 3/4" width which makes these both strong, pliable and comfortable. One size fits all ! For lifters looking for wrist wrap support, check out our range of support and stiffness.

Our Price: $19.95
UG Contender Beginner Wrist Wraps UG CONTENDERS WRIST WRAPS

Unbreakable Gear's CONTENDERS WRIST WRAPS are the lightest version of our other wraps but will still provide you the support you need. These wraps are perfect for beginners and young athletes, as they are comfortable & pliable and will increase your wrist support and the amount of weight that you can lift, safely. Perfect for full workouts , warm ups & lighter weights, they are quick & easy to self wrap and less aggressive than the Annihilators, but will still have you prepared to break PR's all day long. Available in 24".

I started lifting at age 8. I'm 13 now. I started light and have been able to get stronger, and one way I stay safe is with my Contender Wrist Wraps! These wraps are the best at providing support during heavy lifts and they feel great! I 100% recommend them to lifters no matter your age, experience or sport." - Damiyah " Power Mini" Smiith, National & World Champion Powerlifter and Olympic Lifter, Team UG

Our Price: $25.95

THESE ARE THE BADDEST WRAPS ON THE PLANET!!!! Unbreakable Gear's DESTROYERS WRIST WRAPS are just like their name - They will destroy other wraps while you'll destroy the weights. These 24" or 36" wraps(choose your preference) will give you a cast-like feel, while still being comfortable & pliable. They are stiffer than the Annihilators but not as aggressive as the Enforcers. Increase your wrist support and increase the amount of weight that you can lift. Be ready to break PR's all day long... (Recommended for Experienced Lifters.) .

Our Price: $35.95
UG Contender Beginner Knee Wraps UG CONTENDERS KNEE WRAPS

The Unbreakable Gear new CONTENDERS KNEE WRAPS are less aggressive than the Annihilators, but will give you the same results- PR's all day!! Strength and support is what these wraps give with extreme comfort and pliability. These are great wraps for beginners or use for lower weights and warm up work. Available in 2M.

Our Price: $35.95

The Unbreakable Gear ANNIHILATORS KNEE WRAPS are UG's most popular line of wraps. Strength and support is what these wraps give with extreme comfort. While they provide strong stopping power and rebound, they also have enough strength to allow self wrapping. They are a little less aggressive than the Destroyers or the heavier Enforcers, but will give you the same results- PR's all day!! Available in 2.5M.

REVIEW: "These
UG wrist wraps are my favorite pair of wraps I’ve ever used, real sturdy but yet still comfortable, and very protective of the wrists!" - Vic Diaz, Powerlifting State Record Holder

Our Price: $40.95

The UG PRO BULL KNEE WRAPS are your extreme lifting answer! Over 6 months of testing by Team Unbreakable's "Stable of Monsters," these Black wraps are extremely stiff with out of this world stopping power and explosive rebound. Welcome to the next generation of wraps!! (Please Note: These are NOT for beginners.For a slightly less aggressive wrap, check out the Enforcers.) Available in 2.5 M and 3M
PLEASE NOTE- The 3M are available in Limited Supply. Get them before they sell out!

Bull wraps- New to the world but are clearly the meanest wraps on the planet. Unbreakable Gear Bull wraps leave average for the competition." - Cody Knebel, 4x Olympian, World Record Holder & Team UG Powerlifter

Unbreakable Gear Bull wraps are the best I've ever used. I did 500lbs Squat at 123lbs with those babies. It was absolutely amazing, so if you wanna lift 4x your body weight, BULL IS YOUR WAY." - Vanessa “ Pitbull’” Torres, Ranked #4 Powerlifter in History-123 class, Arnold Pro Champion, T
eam UG Powerlifter

Our Price: $55.95