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UG Liquid Disinfectant Chalk Mini with Carabiner UG LIQUID CHALK MINI

For Superior Lifting you need a Superior Grip!! Unbreakable Gear's new MINI LIQUID CHALK is a smaller version of our premium chalk, perfect for all sports, including weightlifting, gymnastics, climbing, and baseball. The chalk leaves little to no mess and is easily portable with a small carabiner to attach to your bag! . (If you train in a gym that bans the use of powder chalk, this is for you! ) UG Liquid Chalk also has a unique formula that soaks up moisture, including sweat and provides alcohol-based protective disinfectant coating, resulting in a perfect and safe grip for all sports. The ingredients are 100% safe and skin friendly. Available in small portable bottle with a D Clip.

Directions for Use: For best results, shake the bottle before squirting a small amount onto your hands. Rub hands together briefly and allow to dry.

Our Price: $7.95
Skull Smash Ammonia Inhalant Bottle SKULL SMASH AMMONIA

Our SKULL SMASH AMMONIA INHALANTS are what you all have been waiting for!! The owner is a US Marine Corps Veteran , 18 year Strength & Conditioning Coach, Long-time Powerlifter, and Gym Owner! Why is that important? Because that means he knew what we wanted!! The Baddest Ammonia Inhalant on the Planet!! This product will fire you up to hit PRs all day long!! This is the only Ammonia that is UG Approved!
Note: The product comes in a multi use bottle. "
So Sniff it, Go Lift It and Dominate the Weights. "

Our Price: $12.95
UG Competition Knee High Socks UG KNEE HIGH - TUBE SOCKS

The UG KNEE HIGH - TUBE SOCKS are here. These 24" soft poly-cotton blend socks are ribbed and ruched for a snug fit that cradles your foot during athletic duress. Black with the classic UG logo in red on each outer side, these are a perfect accompaniment to UG apparel & gear. The sock is one size and fits like a tube sock on larger feet & calves, while smaller feet can also wear as a knee high.

Our Price: $20.00

Get in on Zeus Supplements top selling PRE-WORKOUT, hile supplies last!
PWO contains 30 servings per container, 29 grams per serving. It is formulated for increased performance, endurance, strength, and muscle growth.
If you need a smooth, energy-enhancing pre-workout, this is the one.
Made in the USA, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified. Veteran owned & operated.

Our Price: $48.95
Unbreakable Gear Gym Banner UG SKULL & GEARS BANNER

UG BANNER TIME- Get the word out that you're part of UG Nation with our custom gym & event banner...
The UG Banner is 2.5' x 4' long horizontal, gray skull & gear banner featuring our classic UG skull. It comes on an Indoor vinyl in a 10 oz. lightweight, durable material with hanging top corner grommets. This flexible banner features a matte finish and is fade-resistant and tear-resistant. (Please call regarding larger, customized banner version for your gym.)

Our Price: $60.00