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Unbreakable Gear is not only known for it's "Baddest Wraps on the Planet,"
featuring 5 different levels of strength & rebound, but also PR bustin'
sleeves, high quality Lifting Belts, superior Hand Chalk, Lifting Bars and more...

" UG has been my go to company for past 4 years – Their products guarantee my athletes have an advantage over their competition. I've seen hundreds of State, Nationals, World and all time World Records broken in UG Gear. My athletes have won on the biggest stages in the world. Jon and Tamara take pride in providing the best gear out there. SO if you aren’t in UG you are at disadvantage to those of us that are." - DJ Holcomb, Top Strength Coach and owner of Holcomb Barbell

Unbreakable Gear by far is the best training gear I've ever used. I've been training in this gear for the past 4 years, The training gear has been loyal to me just like the owners." - Lionel "L-TRAIN" Brown, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

I've used gear from many top companies in the world. Unbreakable Gear has by far, the best Knee Wraps, Sleeves, Wrist Wraps and Chalk on the Market. You won't find higher quality gear at a better price." - Paul Popoff, Powerlifting State Record Holder