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Hand Armor Liquid Chalk
Hand Armor Liquid Chalk
Our Price: $7.00

This 2 ounce bottle of Hand Armor Liquid Chalk with carabiner is perfect to clip to your gym bag. It has a convenient easy-to-use flip top, and is TSA approved - making it the perfect carry along!

Hand Armor Liquid Chalk is the perfect athlete's resource- It's Antibacterial, no mess, provides better grip and prevents blisters! It also lasts longer than regular chalk, making it the preferred choice for collegiate & professional athletes.
Skull Smash Ammonia Dead Pull Powerlifting Powder
Dead Pull Powerlifting Powder
Our Price: $7.00

Skull Smash Ammonia's new DEAD PULL friction-reducing powder is used on the legs to reduce friction, and help the bar or other object, slide up the legs with less friction and more freely while deadlifting, or other pulling exercises. This can help achieve faster and smoother lockouts in your events.
Dead Pull is very slick, and is scent-free...because most lifters don't want to smell like a baby, or be thinking about cuddling an infant right before smashing some big pulls. Also, that means more of what is in the bottle reduces friction, instead of being filled with unnecessary scents. The only powder Team Unbreakable uses on the platform!
Deringer Ammonia Inhalant 2 oz pocket size
Deringer Ammonia Inhalants
Our Price: $9.00

The new DERINGER Ammonia Inhalant is a 2 oz, pocket size version of Skull Smash & packs an awesome punch!! Don't let the size fool you...it will snap your head back and pump you up with bar-bending power.
It is designed with a smaller opening, so get your nose right up to it, and enjoy the ride!

Skull Smash Ammonia Inhalant Bottle
Skull Smash Ammonia Inhalant
Our Price: $11.95

Our new Skull Smash Ammonia Inhalants are what you all have been waiting for!! The owner is a US Marine Corps Veteran , 18 year Strength & Conditioning Coach, Long-time Powerlifter, and Gym Owner! Why is that important? Because that means he knew what we wanted!! The Baddest Ammonia Inhalant on the Planet!! This product will fire you up to hit PRs all day long!! This is the only Ammonia that is UG Approved!
Note: The product comes in a multi use bottle.

So Sniff it, Go Lift It and Dominate the Weights.
Hand Armor Liquid Chalk  Bottle
Hand Armor Liquid Chalk 8oz Bottle
Our Price: $14.95

The Hand Armor Liquid Chalk is a handy flip top, no mess liquid chalk ideal for pro athletes, weekend warriors, and fitness enthusiasts alike. Hand Armor Liquid Chalk is Antibacterial, no mess, provides better grip and prevents blisters! It also lasts longer than regular chalk, making it the preferred choice! (8oz-$14.95 )
Ug Socks
UG TubeSocks
Our Price: $20.00

The UG Tube Socks have arrived. These 24" soft poly-cotton blend socks are ribbed and ruched for a snug fit that cradles your foot during athletic duress. Black with the classic UG logo in red on each outer side, these are a perfect accompaniment to UG apparel & gear. The sock is one size and fits like a tube sock on larger feet & calves, while smaller feet can also wear as a knee high.
Unbreakable Gear Neon Skull Banner
Unbreakable Gear Neon Skull Banner
Our Price: $60.00

Get the word out that you're part of UG Nation with our custom gym & event banner...
The UG Banner is 2.5' x 6' long horizontal, neon green banner featuring the classic UG skull. It comes on an Indoor vinyl in a 10 oz. lightweight, durable material.. This flexible banner features a matte finish and is fade-resistant and tear-resistant.


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